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  • Alison Holst

Review: "High Hopes (Blue For You)" - Sabrina G.

"High Hopes (Blue For You)" is the fresh new single from singer-songwriter Sabrina G. This dream pop track is the first single from the singer's EP "Hierarchy" which is set to come out by the end of this year. This is a very exciting release, not only because its the precursor to what is expected to be an amazing EP from Sarbina G., but because she has been working very hard making her best music yet. This single not only proves this to listeners, but leaves them eager to hear more.

"High Hopes (Blue For You)" starts off with an electric pop beat, which is shortly accompanied by the smooth and sultry voice of Sabrina G.. The song while, mainly remaining in the pop sound, has various elements that make it more dynamic. Before the chorus, the track becomes more intense and rock sounding with a build up given by the electric guitar. Not only does it add more depth to the pop sound, but it also builds the emotional intensity of the narrative, and content in which Sarbina G. is singing about. After listening to the song just once, listeners will find themselves pressing the repeat button by the end of it.

Sabrina G. is an independent artist based in the UK. The singer-songwriter has put her talent on display for all to see, in the projects she's released so far. Such projects include singles "Sugar Rush" and "Friends." Notably, Sabrina G. was featured on Glastonburys emerging talent Longlist in 2022. She also caught the attention of BBC Radio 6 with her single "Sugar Rush." With attention from media outlets, and her undeniable talent being put on display in her releases, Sabrina G. is definitely someone listeners should check out.

Written By Alison Holst


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