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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "High In Low Places" - Beach Weather

Following the success of their first album release this past year, Beach Weather has dropped another single that fans are quickly taking a liking to. Delving deeper into their sultry and electronic sound and moving away from the carefree summer-esq sound of their album Pineapple Sunrise, “High In Low Places” feels like the cool older brother who plays the drums in a rock band and skips class with a cigarette. Their past releases had a similar sound, yet were much more upbeat and lighter (of course with an occasional track following the vibes of this latest release). Beach Weather certainly seems to be fine tuning their overall sound, and the genre they have settled on is exactly where they should be.

“High In Low Places” feels similar to the vibe and sound of artists like Arctic Monkeys and the Neighborhood, with a hint of the indie-ness of Cage the Elephant. Intense electric guitar riffs and a heavy drum beat paired with lyrics referencing alcohol and deeps spells of love and lust, and you have this energetic and alluring new track. Lead singer Nick Santino has mastered the balance of the sensual and sultry tone with an impeccable vocal quality, making their lyrics all the more interesting. The premise of this song is certainly a love song, but takes the approach of lust and dangerous infatuation, rather than a romantic ballad. The title references the end of the chorus, where Santino sings “You and I got some troubles we’re facing / I know we can make it / Staying high in low places”.

Beach Weather is an indie-rock band hailing from Massachuets. They are spearheaded by Santino as their lead vocalist, with guitarist Sean Silverman and bassist Reeve Powers completing the group. They made their name known last year with the release of the hit single “Sex, Drugs, Etc.” on their last album, which quickly rose to the top of Alt Radio charts. They traveled North America this past year on their sold out tour promoting this album, and were recently seen at Boston Calling. During their set, they gifted fans with an early listen of “High In Low Places”. Make sure to follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more releases from Beach Weather.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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