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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "High Maintenance" - ellakate

They say love should be easy, but where’s the fun in that. People like the chase; people like games; people are drawn to drama. Life is like a movie where you’re yelling at the screen that the protagonist is falling for the wrong person. The one at home with pure eyes and a good heart is left for the devil in a miniskirt, but that’s why we watch the movie on repeat. There are Meredith Blakes and there are Elizabeth James’ on and off the screen. They usually figure it out on the way to the airport, before a big move, or in a late night kiss where they finally find home, but sometimes in real life it’a little too late, and the good girl gets away. A toxic relationship is sometimes kismet. There’s no keeping two people apart, no matter how many red flags, road closed ahead signs, and heeds of warning from good friends and family. Some people know their power and use it for good, while some know their power and use it to trap an unworthy opponent. Love should be simple, but it isn’t so when you’re dealing with someone oh so complicated. It’s not always a happy couple with a white picket fence. It can be a monster and their prey, a villain and their captive, a demon and his worshiper all trapped in a candy-coated chamber of hell. People on the outside wouldn’t get it. You stick around because you’re too fearful of how much you’ll lose when they’re gone. The torture has to be worth something, so you stay put while you fall to your knees and pray for a better tomorrow. People yearn to be in love, but the love they are searching for can not be found until they know their own worth. We get swept up in grandiose ideals of world-wind romances and passion, but that passion can turn to toxicity at the drop of a hat. We stay because of the highest highs, as we bury our heads in the sand and pretend to ignore the lowest of lows. Basing your self worth on someone else’s treatment of you can quickly turn to self-loathing when you leave your heart in the hands of a manipulative magician, who can just as quickly pull a Houdini and make the pain disappear, but you’re never left without the scars.

Ellakate’s “High Maintenance” is a striking Alt-pop single about the trials and tribulations that fall suit in a not so stable relationship. The song begins with high energy and you’re hooked from the jump, much like a toxic relationship when you lock eyes and know you’re in for a willd ride of ups and downs. Her melodies are captivating, and her lyrics are powerful. If you’ve ever been in an unhealthy relationship, you’re instantly transcended back in time, overlooking a past version of yourself you no longer recognize, begging yourself to see the light sooner. “High Maintenance” is a chilling story inspired by ellakate’s brother. He was in a toxic relationship and was left to pick up the pieces of desecration that someone else created. His mental health was left in the wake of turmoil he did not sign up for, and Ella wanted to express her anger for his ex and sadness for her brother’s confusion on what he deserves through her dynamic, bold, enchanting music. This song is a cautionary tale to those who do not see the magic within themselves, and it’s a mirror you can’t avoid to finally see your self-worth.

Ellakate is an alternative pop singer and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. She is a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with. She takes on real issues and challenges we face in life and turns them into catchy music that will get stuck in our heads and hopefully resonate change in the lives of her listeners. Ella’s passion for music began almost immediately following her parents who have a knack for the gift of music as well. She has written songs her entire life, and her music is like a roadmap to where she has been and where she is going. Her songs always correspond with where she is in her life and what she has learned, and she shares it with the world to people who can relate and people who need to learn. Her incredible, chilling voice has been compared to a “young Amy Winehouse”, and her raw honesty and haunting talent makes it abundantly clear why. Her lyrics carry so much weight, and her voice is alluring with a dash of innocence. She seems as if she’s lived a million lives while still trying to learn and grow which makes us want to listen and learn with her. Her well-earned success is just beginning, and we hope we aren’t too high maintenance when we ask to play her on repeat.

Written By Grace Chapman



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