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  • Shelbi Baker

Review: "Hold It Up" - Magdalia

Magdalia's new song, "Hold It Up", featuring Mayzie Chew, is an anthem of somber optimism, kindness, and loyalty. The two singers' dialogue describes how sadness comes and goes, and how they'll be there for each other when it does. This sentimental ballad expresses the dedication we give to those we care about, and how that dedication never feels like a burden. We weather the storms alongside them and trust they'll do the same. The major impact of the song hits in its chorus, "I can't guarantee sunshine around you when your sky falls apart, I'll hold it up with you". This line conveys that realistically, life is going to be hard. We can't change that, but we can be there for the people we love.

The instrumental for this track paints us a picture of the warm, safe atmosphere it offers in its lyrics. It begins with steady drums and quiet strings and quickly delves into rich acoustic guitar. The sound feels like a burning candle on a rainy evening. The velvet vocals blend, passing lines back and forth with ease. Despite the simple array of instruments, this track never ceases to envelop the listener in light. Its simplicity is its strength. Perhaps the most impressive thing about the musicality is the song's C Major key. This key typically expresses happy or triumphant feelings, but it's used slowly and earnestly here. This mixture of moods can be an extremely effective way to create a unique, heartfelt song. Magdalia and Mayzie did just that. "Hold It Up" is a safe place to be vulnerable and reflect on those we care about.

Magdalia is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter who has a unique talent for storytelling. Her artist name derives from a combination of her grandmother's middle name, Magdala, and the Magdala Mine in Stawell, Victoria, AU. Her sound has been compared to that of Florence and the Machine, Lorde, Sia, and Taylor Swift, with ethereal, heartfelt vibes. Her songs, "Great Expectations" and "Fault Lines" have topped Australian Atomic Music charts, and her track, "Noreen" was listed as one of Real Songwriters of Melbourne Top 5 Songs of the Year in 2023. Magdalia also qualified for the Grand Finals of the Listen Up Songwriting Prize, a competition held each year, where songwriters from all over Australia submit songs based on varying themes of mental health. "Hold It Up" is now available on Spotify alongside the rest of her captivating discography.

Written By Shelbi Baker


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