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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "HOLD ON" - ill peach

Chill with a flair for the dramatic—that’s the perfect way to describe ill peach’s new single, “HOLD ON.” The song is mellow with the right amount of intensity to appeal to any lover of indie sounds. ill peach tastefully melts Jess Corazza's smokey vocals with eclectic synth sounds to create this masterpiece. Written for the new season of Ginny and Georgia, "HOLD ON" is featured in episode 3 ("What Are You Playing at, Little Girl?"). The featured portion of the song plays over one of the most dramatic moments in the show thus far, flawlessly reflecting the moment on-screen.

ill peach starts the year strong with their latest concoction of vibrant sonics. "HOLD ON" is a powerful new addition to the dark pop world. The song features melancholy vocals, synths, and melodies, coming together to create a moody atmosphere. Starting soft and suspenseful, "HOLD ON" begins with a quiet intensity. The song slowly builds energy, arriving at the chorus. Once at the chorus, "HOLD ON" unleashes into an electrifying, soul-stirring sound—something anyone can feel epic listening to.

A Los Angeles-based, grit-pop duo, ill peach is a worthy group to be on your radar. The duo is comprised of artists, Jess Corazza and Pat Morrissey. ill peach formed after some major moments for the artists. Corazza realized they couldn't support themselves as a cowgirl and Morrissey found themselves burnt out as a competitive tap dancer. This led the two to move to New York and then LA, embarking on ill peach's journey. ill peach debuted in 2021 with the EP, EXCUSE US WHILE WE FIND OUR MINDS. The EP features stories from their New York to LA move. They have since released other singles, including "COMATOSE," "BRIGHT LIGHTS," and "DANDELION."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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