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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "holiday." - RAGS AND RICHES

In the contemporary, pop landscape, artists responding to the "grindset" burnout might feel pushed towards a grimmer representation to appease some melancholic zeitgeist. Boldly, the latest single from American alt-pop band, RAGS AND RICHES, embraces a brighter palette to outshine '9-to-5' monotony. Immutably carefree, the two brothers tap into a rare jubilee that feels genuinely capable of triumphing over even the most muted resignations. The outer space motif present throughout provides stark contrast to the grounded, corporate reality the sibling duo wages war against. Joyful silliness becomes an even more impactful weapon than scornful disavowal. Fashioning buoyant synth-pop into a irresistibly danceable anthem, "holiday." (humorously titled with a monotone period) sounds instead like every line was punctuated by an exclamation point! Listening on a Monday, you might forget it's not Friday.

Beyond the catchy hooks and breezy synths, the Whitt brothers use their anthemic songwriting and production as a humorous call to action. "Gonna trade my desk for a podium," they sing with as much exuberance as their words imply. What are they petitioning for? According to the bridge, it's to announce their title as "the new space president." Their first decree: quit your job, take a vacation, and boogie down! If this all sounds a little—ok, maybe a lot—silly (or even crazy), that's because it's meant to be. But the nonstop, joyless grind of corporate lifestyle should be seen as the truly irrational tune to live by. "Get me away from this crazy place / It's only Monday!" Amen to that. If "holiday." is unhinged, then I don't want to be sane.

RAGS AND RICHES is the creative project of brothers Tanner and Peyton Whitt. The Kentucky natives began releasing music in 2019, with their debut single "speed of sound." Since, the band has played over 200 live shows, won awards, and charted college radio charts. Last year, RAGS AND RICHES released their debut album, "Always Gold." The music video associated with "holiday." is hilarious: an acoustic drum set being inaudibly wailed on, inflatable suits, a space presidential campaign, and a cast of inflatable astronauts and alien. Oh, and that's just describing the scenes set on the moon. It only gets more ridiculous from there. "Holiday." is just the beginning of 2023 for this alt-pop band on the rise.

Written By Andy Mockbee



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