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  • Jaylice Mitchell

Review: "Holy Water" - Flora Cash

"Holy Water," is a beautifully written song by Flora Cash about being tied to your lover in a way that seems like fate. It's something unexplainable by human means, it's extraordinary. This feeling, this cosmic knowing that this person is meant for you. A love that feels so whole that there has to be something connecting them that's straight from heaven above. It's as if they were predestined to have a love like no other, and the lyrics convey this beautifully, as you can really feel how impactful the love conveyed in this song is shared. You can vividly picture the hands of fate ushering these two lovers together like divine intervention. A love so full and complete that there is a feeling of being lost without your lover. With a love this holy, it's the kind of feeling you'd want to bask in for the rest of your life, forever smitten with your partner.

This song is a soft romantic ballad, and it feels just like poetry in musical form. It's as if you're reading the greatest romance novel of all time. The song's structure conveys this perfectly, starting with the first verse. A feeling, knowing your soulmate is out there, even if you haven't met them yet, you just know. Like the soft musings of a deity in your ear. The pre-chorus shows the narrator's struggles she faced as she relates to her lover's plight. It was as if they were both in lifeboats, everything around them flooding. Yet, despite this, when the chorus kicks back in and she finally sees her lover, it's as if all her problems seem so distant, so far away. She can feel the magnetic pull of their love, and it's like nothing else. It's heavenly, a love so otherworldly it eases your pain. All you see is your lover. All you want is your lover. The mere feeling of your lover feeling like holy water, and without them, it's like a storm. The clear skies vanish, the avalanche rolls in, never-ending until she finds her lover, her only one, her true love. Verse two pulls into the feeling of fate once more, when you know, you know. However, despite feeling her lover call out to her, she felt blind to him, which gives off a sense of loss. But when the pre-chorus sweeps back in, you know everything works out just as fate always does. Every time her lover succeeds, it's almost like she can feel it deep within her soul. Every victory, every conquest, it's like a light lit within her lover, and when she finds them, she finds herself in the light too, basking in the glitter and the warmth within her lover. The chorus floats back in, and it just restates exactly how the entire song feels. Without her lover, she's lost. They're two halves of a heart, destined to be whole, and she finally gets with her lover, it all clicks into place. It's a love so heaven-sent, nothing else can compare. Finally, the post-chorus kicks in, echoing her heartfelt emotions of finally finding him, finally finding her true love.

This song is beautifully composed with this romantic tone and a beautiful piano melody as it slowly but surely draws you in. It mixes a folk and pop vibe in an unconventional way, but that's what makes it beautifully unique. The song almost feels cinematic, in a league of its own, as you feel the love conveyed so deeply within the song. It's as if you too can feel your soulmate calling out to you, even if they're far away. Flora Cash is a music duo consisting of Shpresa Lleshaj, born in Sweden, and Cole Randall, an American. They are a musically talented duo who are actually married, which is why the love they share is so beautifully conveyed through their music. They met on SoundCloud in 2012, which eventually led to the pair collaborating and, eventually, a budding romance between the two. Their music has this real heartfelt and emotive feeling to it, which has you reeling as it connects with the very depths of your soul. Flora Cash gained recognition with their 2017 song "You're Somebody Else," which received widespread acclaim and became a commercial success. I'm nothing short of grateful for that song, as well as this one, evoking raw emotion from anyone who listens. There's this indie folk essence to their music, which I absolutely love, and clearly, so do others, as they have 3.1 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Stylistically, they remind me of artists like Amber Run or Oh Wonder, while still having their own vibe and fresh sound. I can't wait to see what music magic they compose in the future, and if you're in the same boat as me, make sure to keep your eye on this musically talented duo through the social resources below.

Written By Jaylice



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