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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Home" - 22 Oceans

“Home” is a heartwarming slow jam pop song about the comfort of your own home. Home is not just a place or the place you grew up in; your home is whatever makes you feel safe. Whatever gives you the most comfort. This could be a person, a pet, an action, or a memory. It brings you happiness, hope, and support in times of need or stress. No matter how much time might have passed, your home will always be your home. Nostalgia-tinged memories through rose-tinted glasses are the best comfort for a rough set of nights, and 22 Oceans’ nostalgia-inducing song reminds us of the safety and comfort in our homes.

22 Oceans uses ambient atmospheres and sweet vocals to comfort us. The synth-pop record brings ethereal vocals harmonizing amongst the minimalist production. The voices of twin sisters Carys & Keeley perfectly complement the layered and lush sounds of the backdrop. Their song creates an atmosphere, a tone that immediately sets the mood of the song. 22 Oceans’ careful dance between the wispy voices to the pulsating production sounds their maturity in both material and application.

22 Oceans, made up of producer Mike Guy and vocalists Carys & Keeley Hughes, looks to merge their ethereal harmonies with a minimalistic electronic background. Drawing on influences from ‘80s synth-pop, 22 Oceans look to create soundscapes for their fans to immerse themselves in. For their new EP Home, 22 Oceans teamed up with the British charity Stonepillow to donate all proceeds from Bandcamp to aid the homeless and needy. 22 Oceans, a trio looking to use the influence they have to make a difference in the world.

Written By Megan Cao



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