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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "Home" - Phoenix Rose

Has love ever made you feel exhausted? In the song "Home", Phoenix Rose explores feeling so tired and heartbroken by a relationship that now all she wants is the comfort that her home can bring her. The emotion she describes is akin to the aching feeling of being homesick, but for a person instead of a place. She details feeling used and trying to find herself after a whirlwind relationship. This singer is able to express the gut-wrenching feeling of no longer feeling connected to a partner. The raw and emotional delivery is complemented by the soft instrumental. Overall, this track needs to be added to your next break-up playlist.

The song begins with a delicate piano that is soon joined by Rose's smooth and breathy vocals. Before the chorus, the singer is able to show off her wide vocal range, with her low alto tone while singing "How the devil showed his ugly face just like we know." As she continues into the chorus, you can see the R&B influence when there are subtle layered and harmonized vocals that enhance the songwriter's desperate feeling of wanting to be home, in her safe space. In the final lines, the singer repeats the lyrics "Can we get back?/ Can we get back home?". In these last moments of the songs, she shows off her incredible vocal talent, doing a stunningly gorgeous run and a breathtaking falsetto for the final line.

Rachel Rose now known as Phoenix Rose is a veteran in the music industry. She released her debut single in August 2022, titled "Five Minutes". Since then she's released 2 more singles, "Waiting for the World" and "The Thing About Love" as well as a brand new EP that came out this vear "How Do You See This?" which features "Home". This EP includes a more experimental sound, with a techno remix and acoustic track, but the passionate vocal delivery is a constant in this singer's music. This singer/songwriter dreams of connecting people through her fusion of pop music. Rose describes her unique sound as pop with soul elements and R&B vocals.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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