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  • Emma Kimberli

Review: "Honest (Would it Have Killed You?)" - Colaine

Colaine's most recent single "Honest (Would it Have Killed You?) should be your new go-to breakup song. The relatable pain of this song is what will bring the listener in. It's a song where almost anyone can put themselves in the writer's shoes and feel the situation's misery. According to Colaine, this piece is about someone who told you they were not ready for a relationship. But after telling you that, you find out that they have begun a new relationship with someone who isn't you. Ouch, right? She puts that abhorrent situation into a pop track, and it is a great listen. The frustration and confusion come through in even the title of the song, hinting at the discontent. Would it have killed you to just say you were not interested?

My immediate thought of this song was that it reminds me of the Australian R&B band Chase Atlantic. It begins with a dreamy instrumental before the harmonized vocals come into the mix. The layers to her vocals add a distorted sound to the song, adding to the affliction and annoyance this song sings about. Another artist this track reminded me of was singer-songwriter Blackbear, Honest (Would it Have Killed you?) has similar sounds to him. Unlike typical scorned love songs, Colaine never even dated the person she wrote this song about. This is the song you blast at full volume in the car while driving down the highway at one in the morning, screaming along to the lyrics with your best friend whilst you do.

Colaine is a young Nashville Tennessee-based pop artist who is just getting her start in the industry. The young artist frequently posts and promotes her music on her TikTok account. She also touches on her mental health struggles occasionally on the account. Colaine started releasing music on her Spotify account in April 2021. She displays a gen-z sense of humor on her Twitter and other social media accounts.

Written By Emma Kimberli



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