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  • Rosalyn Sanchez

Review: "Horses Running" - Anna Elyse

At times in life, it seems as though many things can be completely unchanging. Even at our attempts to try and change, or stop certain things from happening, it’s like trying to put out a destructive forest fire. As the whipping flames find themselves climbing up the towering trees of nature, we realize there’s nothing we can do to put out such incessant destruction. Instead of turning away, we watch in silence, waiting for the pernicious results. As we watch the flames eat away and cause deleterious harm, we realize that there would have been no outcome where we could have stopped such a detrimental fire from happening. The flames being too hot to try and step in to save it, the smolder choking us, and stealing the breath from our lungs. Trying to prevent it would cause more damage than good to ourselves. Instead, we must turn away, and watch the raging flames, watch them burn away until there’s nothing left to burn. A plethora of us have found ourselves in a situation like this, where we realize that our efforts to stop a situation from happening would put forth no help, we realize in these situations that life must go on. Our efforts would be futile. 'Horses Running' by Anna Elyse describes just that in the form of a song. The lyrics go as “Like watching a merry-go-round and being shocked that there's horses running...”. Here is where the singer describes a situation that seems to keep going, it’s never-ending, and all she can seem to do is watch that very situation go up in flames, realizing to herself that there’s no stopping it. It will continue whether she wants it to, or not. And although she can turn away, and leave the premises of such a destructive situation, she can’t. Instead, she watches, seeing the flames gather and destroy.

The melody of this song is slow, it carries a smooth and soft tempo, allowing the beautiful voice of our singer, Anna, to carry out most of the song with detailed lyrics. Lyrics that can easily manipulate the listeners into a situation similar to the one in the song. It carries a rather morose tune with the use of the guitar, along with the lyrics that encourage lachrymose tears through its listeners. Anna’s voice also adds that additional effect the song needs for it to piece together and create a melody that carries significance and meaning, her voice delicate and paring with the smooth instruments skillfully and so innately. After listening to the song, and writing the lyrics out myself to truly connect to the message Anna so excellently includes in her melodious song, I came to realize that the meaning of the song entirely touched my heart. At the opening of the song, I couldn’t help but relate to her lyrics, to her words, so much so that tears gathered in my eyes. There are many situations in life that we face where we have to give silence as our answer, where we have to hold back on our words in order to prevent a situation from escalating and worsening. I also have to admire Anna’s lyrics, how much meaning they hold, and how much more significance they add. Her enchanting voice simply makes it all the more perfect, corresponding to the woeful mood of the song. Being able to stand aside while a situation slips right through your fingers is a difficult one to come to accept. One where you can’t even begin to set apart your emotions or try to express your feelings, and yet, Anna captures the emotions so honorably.

Anna Elyse, the talented artist behind the song, is a singer and songwriter in Los Angeles California. Anna typically resonates with genres like pop, indie, and indie folk. She has two recent releases, one being ‘Horses Running’ and ‘Old Western Film’. Not only is Anna her own songwriter, but she also produced ‘Horses Running’ herself! Although many may assume Anna may have just begun her journey to becoming a singer and songwriter, Anna has been on the scene for quite some time! Her voice was previously featured in songs by the artist Logic in a few of his album skits. Anna also has many more songs that she has written and shared on all music platforms dating back to 2020. I would personally love to hear more of what Anna has to say in the form of songs and would love to see her continue thriving and growing throughout her musical talents. To keep up with Anna Elyse, follow her socials to support and cheer her on throughout her journey of being a talented artist. 

Written By Rosalyn Sanchez


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