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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Hot Mess" - Ceara Cavalieri

If I'm going to be a mess, why not be a hot one? Ceara Cavalieri exclaims on her new pop-rock track Hot Mess. An ode to all of us who don’t feel like trying to be perfect anymore. This Unapologetic pop rock anthem was made to get you on your feet. It is a call to arms for everyone who wants to flaunt their flaws. Ceara believes everyone is beautiful the way they are and should be unapologetic about who they are. Hot Mess is a track that gives the finger to anyone who thinks you shouldn't love your flaws.

The record starts strong with a distorted electric guitar melody that is present throughout the entire track. The track suits the anthemic atmosphere with its lyrics riddled with self-love phrases. Hot Mess is all about self-acceptance and learning to love the aspects of yourself that are uniquely yours. The punching guitar and bass make for a perfect track to scream at the top of your lungs with your friends. Its catchy lyricism is fierce calling out to the bad bitch in anyone who listens to the track. Nobody is perfect and the sooner that is accepted the sooner everyone feels better about themselves. The track is a catchy tune you simply can’t get enough of. With each listen another layer of the track is revealed making it that much more impactful.

Ceara Cavalieri is a superstar. With her roots in southern California, the pop-rock singer has made waves with her anthemic sound. Though she has a degree in Psychology from UCLA her passion has been for music from a very young age. At three years old Ceara discovered the power of her voice and never stopped singing from then on. With each track she releases she leaves a peak of the distinct sound she is curating for herself. Her music is defined by its carefree soundscapes and infectious hooks. With eight singles currently out Ceara is gearing up to be the next big name of pop rock.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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