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  • Megan Cao

Review: "House With a View" - Asha

“House with a View” is a sentimental ballad about taking agency in your own life. It’s hard to move on from someone, but Asha reminds us to learn how to stop waiting for someone. To build a life alone, and accept yourself because you will always have yourself. There’s a house with a view, and it’s only for you. Life is your own, and you create it for yourself. Her sound is inspired by modern dream pop but adds the nostalgia and sentimentality of ‘90s artists like Fiona Apple or Fleetwood Mac.

The production and composition are thoughtfully done, adding beautiful guitar textures to Asha’s soft and supple voice. Her voice is full of emotion, resignation and acceptance that “you don’t belong here anymore”. The narrative is effortlessly written to evoke a natural feeling of purity and resonation; you are the one with the power to decide how your life goes; no one else has the power to tear down your house with a view. Asha’s charming voice and clever lyrics add another layer of depth to this song, a kaleidoscope of atmospheres, thoughts, and emotions

Asha has held many roles in life; known as a composer, producer, audio editor, songwriter, and stage, she worked in a huge variety of industries: advertising, film, video games, and the stage, she only recently decided to put her talented thoughts to music for herself. Inspired by dark electronic pop, hip hop, and world music, she released her first album Of Something Better in 2020. But before that Now, with “House With a View”, her first single from her next album Magic, she shows us that she has a lot more to offer.

Written By Megan Cao



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