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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "How Good" - Donovan Woods

Sweet and sincere, Donovan Woods' new single, "How Good" gives a vulnerable look into the artist's life and marriage. The track was intended as a lullaby for Woods' wife, exploring some of the hardships and relationship strains that come with loving a musician. Elaborating on the song's meaning, Woods shares the song was "essentially written for my wife and I, in a year when we sorely needed it. It describes a way of looking at the world that’s probably a little naive. My work puts added stress on us and I’m not the easiest person to be around to begin with, but everything can change in an instant, we all know this."

Soft and contemplative, "How Good" is a piano-driven ballad, pleading with listeners to consider that things will get better. The emotive track features delicate piano lines and whisper-like vocals, creating a pensive atmosphere that incorporates a melancholic feeling tinged with a hint of hopefulness. Building in intensity, "How Good" transitions from reserved verses to passionate choruses, asking listeners to reflect on the what-ifs and how good the relationship will get if given the proper chance. Woods tastefully layers rich vocal harmonies throughout the impactful moments of the song, adding a captivating depth to the performance.

An established Canadian singer-songwriter, Donovan Woods has had quite the career since his 2007 debut. Starting with The Hold Up, Woods has released several albums over the years, including his Juno Award-winning album, Both Ways. The folk/country artist has also had his music featured on several film and TV projects, including "Brand New Gun" in the movie Numb, "Wait and See" in Degrassi: The Next Generation, and "Portland, Maine" in season 1 of Legacies. With an impressive catalog under his belt, some of Woods' popular songs include "I Ain't Ever Loved No One - Acoustic," "Lean on Me - ArtistsCAN," "It'll Work Itself Out," and "IOWA."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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