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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "HOW TO LIVE" - Mykyl

"HOW TO LIVE" is a cry out to the world begging the question that is known to all: why is it so hard to live? Mykyl pleads this question throughout this piece as he goes through the thoughts that he struggles with on a daily basis. Lines such as "I take two steps forward and a thousand back" and "Is this what it feels like to grow up and not know how to do anything right?" express his feelings of how lost he is in the world. We all know the basics of what is expected of us when we turn into adults: go to college, get a degree, and get a job that pays well. Mykyl reveals how he feels that this simple statement is much harder than it sounds. This thought process is true though, it's a universal experience to feel as if we're fighting all odds just to make it to the end of each day. The question that Mykyl poses in this piece is "why?" Why must it be so hard to just live.

Mykyl begins this piece by sharing little snippets of inner thoughts such as "think happy thoughts" and "I can't get out of my head," leading up to the first verse. The song immediately fades into a high-energy melody in order to introduce listeners to what's to come. The quick guitar strums and powerful beat form an energetic vibe to the song. The entirety of this song keeps a lively tone as Mykyl pours out his stream of thoughts on the matter. Through his lyricism, Mykyl is very open with his feelings and listeners are able to tell that he is very passionate about the matter. Since most artists write about love and relationships, I personally have rarely heard songs talking about how difficult life actually is. It's a matter that every single person feels and it's very enlightening to hear about this from an artist's perspective. Mykyl produced a truly personable track and really connects listeners to his music through his vulnerability.

Mykyl has always wanted to be a pop star ever since he was a kid. When he dropped out of college in 2020, he was absolutely determined to make a career out of his passion. He decided to move to Las Vegas to pursue an internship with Imagine Dragons and The Killers, where he learned a lot about the music industry. Ever since that internship he has been writing and producing songs with a bunch of different artists. His songs have been featured on New Music Friday, Fresh Pop, and Chill Pop. He is very vulnerable with his music and with his determination is sure to go far.

Written By Melina Darlas



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