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  • Jaylice Mitchell

Review: "How Your Love Feels" - Joakim Molitor

"How Your Love Feels" by Joakim Molitor has this infectious dance beat that almost reminds me of the dance music scene of the early 2010s, making it enjoyable. The added nostalgia boost makes you want to keep listening to the song, like a warm embrace of the best time of your life coming back for an encore! When this song plays, there's an almost instinctive energy to start moving, even if you can't dance; it makes you want to move. This is such a fun and lovely song that you and your friends can listen to in the car on the way to a party or just jam to it by yourself in your room. Anytime. anywhere, it really doesn't matter. If you have that dancing spirit in your heart, this song is for you!

The song starts with the singer talking about staring down at their phone, indicating a mood of contemplation, as if there's underlying uncertainty in their actions. The mention of overthinking suggests nervousness that the person they're interested in isn't responding. This is felt to the point where there's an idea of visiting them just in case their partner's phone is dead, showing a strong desire for contact despite the nervousness. Despite worrying about a possible lack of responsiveness, the pre-chorus and chorus explore the simplicity and frustration in the relationship. The chorus highlights a strong desire for emotional transparency, tired of the rust between telephones, seeking to understand the emotions behind their partner's love. Verse two starts with the singer alone in bed, visualizing their partner's silhouette, feeling a strong need for their presence. Being willing to visit someone at 3 am, regardless of how late it is, shows a strong connection and feeling. The pre-chorus and chorus amplify the frustration and longing expressed earlier in the first chorus. The bridge perfectly depicts every emotion showcased in the song, almost like an emotional plea with heightened repetition of "I wanna know." The question "Can you tell me now?" shows urgency for an immediate emotional connection. The chorus beautifully ties off the rest of the song as it comes to its end. This song, off a first listen, has such a good vibe—a fun love song that not only will have you relating to it but will also have you wanting to dance.

Joakim, behind the hit "Always gonna say sorry" with Maia Wright, is here with another song that perfectly captures the feeling of not overthinking when you have a good thing going. Just listen to your heart, and the rest will follow. His talent shines through the production of this song, and the vocals tie in nicely with the beat and melody. DJ Mag wrote that his single "Always gonna say sorry" straddles between pop and dance, with catchy vocals that sweep into a puddle of good vibes, built with sunny chords and chirpy bits of Vox. I wholeheartedly agree with those words when it comes to the song I've listened to today. His breakthrough came through the single "Morning Sun" with UK producer Corey James, climbing to the top 20 of the Beatport chart instantly and hinting at the top 10 of the Spotify Viral Top 50. The song got support from the likes of Tom Swoon, Max Vangeli, and Third Party, yet that isn't even the start of the recognition Joakim has received. His talent shines not only on its own but also through the people he's written for and worked with, including Maia Wright, Cher Lloyd, Elvira Andefjärd, Cornelia Jakobs, Victoria Voss, Cazzi Opeia, AMAYA, Robert Habolin, and Moa Petterson Hammar. He's also produced many remixes for an assortment of talented people (John de Sohn, Eric Saade, Charlotte Perrelli, Feenixpawl, Andreas Moe, etc.). Clearly paving his way not only through the EDM scene but also showcasing his songwriting in the Swedish TV series "Eagles." His talent is evident, and he deserves all the support. Do yourself a favor and not only listen to his music but also keep up-to-date with the links below, because this is an artist that deserves all the support we can give!

Written By Jaylice Mitchell



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