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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Hunter" - Sahara Beck

Photo Credits: Joel Devereux

An indie pop track that comes in tough, presenting a calm and collected force against someone’s envious nature. It’s not fun when people’s quick judgment and jealousy get in the way, forcing you to have to defend yourself. Sahara Beck’s latest single “Hunter” is an empowering response to this kind of behavior. It’s an electric song that truly portrays Beck’s strength, not just as a woman, but as an artist. This track is fueled with enough energy to keep listeners hyped and singing along. Along with that, Beck’s voice is sweet enough to soothe ears but also contains enough kick to maintain attention. “Hunter” is the next best addition to the pop scene and should be the next addition to your playlist.

The electro-pop song has somewhat of an 80s feel to it. The song begins with a simple bassline, this allows for more attention on Beck’s voice and the nature of the words she’s singing. The line “she wanna play a game” stands out because it’s a simple way to present the situation taking place. The chorus comes in big and electric, and the repetitive nature of the lyrics during this section paints how confident the speaker is in what they are saying. It shows a level of maturity in understanding where the other person’s jealousy is coming from. Musically, the chorus is incredibly entertaining and catchy, it truly brings the song to life. This is done by some of the electronic add-ons, especially some of the ones used as background harmonies. The bridge of the song is where everything slows down, and it creates a dramatic contrast with the rest of the song. Overall, the song is very clean and well-produced. It’s also a nice combination of retro and futuristic elements which really portray Sahara’s Beck style and character well.

Sahara Beck is an Australian artist who has been making quite a name for herself and her craft. Playing music from a young age, Beck has been releasing music for some time now. Her debut album, Volume One, was released in 2011, and her sophomore album, Panacea, was released in 2016. Additionally, Beck has released a multitude of EPs and singles and is expected to release her third album later this year. Recently, Beck had quite a busy time in the UK where she performed at Glastonbury Festival where she headlined the Circus Tent. She also performed at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. With all of her achievements, Sahara Beck is a clear powerhouse in the scene and is only expected to keep getting better.

Written By Chantal Charles


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