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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Hunting Games" - Amelie Blake

Amelie Blake's "Hunting Games" is an exciting, seductive-sounding track about a cat-and-mouse chase relationship. Her lusty, dream-like vocals are captivating, drawing the listener into the depths of the rich lyricism. As a fan of artists like Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Rey, I was instantly sucked into the inspired-sounding track. It felt like it could have fit amongst Del Rey's "Born To Die" or another well-establish pop album. But still, Blake has crafted a sound that is quite her own. Her soft vocals and drum-filled production made it an easy, but rich listening experience that I was drawn into from the first notes of the track.

The descriptive, metaphorical lyricism in Blake's "Hunting Games" kept me hooked. She compares a man and wolf, crafting a bit of a dangerous feeling with lyrics and production. Lyrics like "He's deadly" and "Big bad wolf and he calls me" left me transfixed by this back and forth 'hunting game' that Blake describes in her song. Balanced with both well-crafted harmonies and lyrics, it is a femme fatale track that anyone looking for an explorative and feminine song can enjoy. The song explores the feeling of 'being prey' in a soft, ethereal sense that made it an alluring track.

Amelie Blake, a UK singer-songwriter, has significant experience in the songwriting realm with credits that range from Netflix to BMG. This songwriting experience shines bright on "Hunting Games," the second single released as part of her independent artist career. The first was "Let The Worlds Unfold" in 2020. She has already gathered a decade of experience under her belt, but it is clear that her career will travel even further as she steps into the spotlight. If you are looking for a soulful pop singer with a rich voice and luscious songwriting, look no further than Amelie Blake.




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