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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "Hurricanes" - Lauren Black x Bobby Crane

Have you ever met someone so great, that they seem almost too good to be true? They’re everything you've ever wanted in a partner and so you think you can trust them with your heart. But then, the too good to be true was right, and they’re not what you thought they were. Lauren Black and Bobby Crane’s song, “Hurricanes” is about thinking that we should’ve known better. We should’ve known what we were getting into when starting a relationship and jumping in too quickly. The reality is, you can't really trust anyone even if you think you know them. Sometimes it can be hard because you’re so infatuated that you ignore all the red flags. You tricked yourself into believing they were all sunshine and rainbows; but instead they turned out to be a hurricane.

The intro of “Hurricanes” has a dreamy effect with Black’s soft voice leading up to an upbeat guitar melody. Her vocals have a country kick to it that’s contrasted with an alt-indie pop soundscape creating a diverse listen throughout. Her consistent tone of voice accentuates the relatable message about feeling betrayed and wishing she shouldn’t have ignored the bad signs. The bridge of the track has a sense of realization with a catchy, upbeat tempo that makes you want to dance and clap along regardless of the meaning. After the bridge, Black’s additional ad libs creates an instrumentation with the guitar melody subtly lowering in tone which enhances the emotions of regret. Then, the chorus perks back up with high energies and a lively tune along with Black’s passionate vocals enriching the energetic melody. The ending of the track goes into a fade out with her echoed voice creating the same beautiful, dreamy effect.

Lauren Black is an American country singer/songwriter and guitarist based in Orange County, California, and she has been a full-time musician since 2014. The first stage she performed was at the Co-America Theatre in her hometown of Phoenix, AZ opening for Alice Cooper in the Pudding Songwriting Competition at age 16. She has performed gigs in California and won MTV’s Cover of the Month Competition which received 34 million votes. She has landed at the EMA’s in London back in Fall of 2017. Her cover of “Same Drugs” by Chance The Rapper landed her on the Discovery Weekly Playlist with Patric Johnston. Her latest original single, “Fireworks and Rooftops” that was produced by Grammy Award Winning Engineer Phil Allen was released in January of 2018. Black has a catalog of over 75 unreleased original songs and is represented by DNT Entertainment. Bobby Crane was born deaf until his corrective surgery at age four. He is now a versatile musician from Southern California and has the ability to create music all on his own. Crane loves to collab, and he believes the best way to creating music is to do it with other artists. He’s written for many artists in the industry and now, it’s his time to tell his story. Make sure to check out Lauren Black and Bobby Crane because they definitely have a lot coming!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng




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