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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "I Am The Man" - Elle Baez

Elle Baez I Am The Man Cover Art

In my opinion, there can be no shortage of feminist anthems, and singer Elle Baez seems to be on the same page. Her recently released single “I Am The Man” is upbeat and fun, and her voice drips with spunk and attitude as she declares herself ‘the man’. With a doo-wop inspired sound, she contrasts the connections usually made with women from this era, by adding a trap beat in the background and more focus on the lyrics than the vocal harmonies. This addition gives the sound her own personal flair, and also highlights the change she is claiming women have gone through- opening their own doors and holding their own hands.

This track was written by an all female team, and each line makes this feat all the more clear. Baez’s soulful voice sings lines about doing things that make her feel empowered, such as “I take the trash out / rockin’ lingerie” in the first verse, and in the bridge, where she sings “I bathe in rose petals / That I sent to me / I’m snackin’ on chocolates / I bought ‘em, my treat”. She also sings lines that poke fun at toxic masculinity and stereotypes usually found in gender roles, such as “Watch me stand while I take the piss out of you / Can you be as man as I am?” This track as a whole is a feminine feel good song, with equal parts uplifting and empowering as it is simply fun to listen to.

Elle Baez is a Latina singer-songwriter who has been making it her goal to empower women with her music. She has released tracks called “I Love My Body” and “Pretty Insecurities”, which discuss her journey as a woman finding her way in this world while staying body positive and promoting self-love. She has been on the rise performance wise, opening for artists like Bea Miller and Leah Kate. Her vocal sound has been compared to artists like Adele and Kehlani, but her sound is much more pop and fast paced, such as artists like Medhan Trainor and Katy Perry. Make sure to follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more uplifting and feminist music from Elle Baez.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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