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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "I Don't Get Stressed" - PAENDA

Never feel stressed again after listening to Paenda's new electric track, I Don’t Get Stressed. Paenda wrote this song while cleaning her apartment. She was so stressed about her responsibilities and it all flowed into this track. The song is true to its name as Paenda shows us how she eliminates stress in her daily routines. Stress is nothing fun and it may seem difficult to allow yourself to live a stress-free life. In the end, making an effort to eliminate your stress is nothing to feel guilty about. This track is an anthem for those who just want to relax. Paenda is telling the listener it’s fine to let go and enjoy the ride of life and we should all take the advice.

Pop star Paenda is in her element in I Don’t Get Stressed. This song is a single from her upcoming LP Culture which features more of her vibrant sound. Taking her knack for EDM-style instrumentals and mixing them with chill beats that embody a stress-free attitude. She sings about how even though stress can keep you back and affect your day-to-day life; She chooses to throw out all the things that keep her stressed and just stay in for once. Sometimes you need a day in bed and there's no shame in that. The song isn’t just about everyday stress. In this track, Paenda uses each verse as a reminder to take the pressure off of herself as an artist and just let things be, something that can be hard for her. Paenda wrote, produced, and performed this track. Showcasing her incredible talent. The beat works perfectly. They follow the lyrics and match the vibe of the song entirely.

Paenda is an Austrian-based singer, songwriter, and producer. She has been working on music since 2016 and has built a sizable fan base from these years of work. She began her journey in the underground indie scene. Making waves there while fine-tuning her craft, she began to find major footing in the electro-pop genre. Paenda is known, today, for her vibrant blue hair, authentic lyrics, and her ear for electronic pop. With her training in musical technique, she embeds a certain vibe into her music that adds a flair to who she is. She is a star and doesn’t plan on stopping her shine any time soon.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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