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  • Alison Holst

Review: "I Don't Know Why" - Izzie Derry

“I Don’t Know Why” by Lizzie Derry, takes listeners aback upon first listen. In its entirety the song is diverse and has many different bits and pieces to it. Both the instrumentals and lyrics compliment each other in telling a story. This story goes deeper than the surface level as listeners are given insight into the raw emotions of Izzie Derry. The focus of the song surrounds a past relationship of Izzie’s. It’s clear that the experiences she’s gone through in this past relationship have hurt her, and caused an impact on her life. In the song she not only depicts the hurt she's feeling, but she shows listeners her thought process in working out these unresolved feelings concerning this past situation.

The components of “I Don’t Know Why” compliment each other in that they all are a part of its excellent storytelling. From start to completion the song feels satisfying and feels like listeners are being told a narrative from the life of the songwriter Izzie Derry. The song begins very simply, with the soft but powerful voice of Izzie surrounded by chords on the guitar. Tension for the chorus begins to rise as the song moves through the first verse. There's a slight pause before the chorus, which makes the chorus’s downbeat that much more euphoric to listen to. No matter how many times you listen to the song the transition into the chorus packs a punch every time.

Izzie Derry is an upcoming artist in the folk and indie music spaces. She is described, by herself and others, as the love child of Alanis Morrissette and Laura Marling. Izzie brings a fresh and unique presence both inside and outside of her music. “I Don’t Know Why” is Izzie’s most recently released single from the artist. Along with releasing "I Don't Know Why", Izzie has also released a complimentary music video for the single. The video really highlights the song and gives more insight into the story and scenes that Izzie paints for listeners in the song.

Written By Alison Holst



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