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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "I Don't Like The Quiet" - The Haunt

Many of us have fallen victim to the fear of being alone. After being in a relationship for a while, it can be hard to risk starting over and facing the unknown. For better or worse, it feels more secure to stay in a relationship that's familiar, even if it isn't healthy. The Haunt captures this in their new single, "I Don't Like the Quiet. The band reflects on the song's meaning, stating, "'I Don’t Like the Quiet' is a song about not being sure if you’re in love, or if you just hate being alone. It’s about someone who has taken a ton of shit and is stuck in a relationship that no longer serves them, just because they’re scared of being alone. The end of the song kinda captures that hopeless feeling we all have when we know something that we’ve relied on for too long really starts to slip away."

 Instead of wallowing in the track's negative emotions, The Haunt tackles these feelings head-on with an unapologetic attitude. Filled with the pent-up frustration the song's story depicts, "I Don't Like the Quiet" creates a captivating alt-rock/alt-pop sound to keep listeners hooked. The track features driving drums and face-melting guitar riffs, beautifully accompanying the band's electrifying vocals. Giving fans a cathartic listen, The Haunt incorporates aggressive vocal melodies throughout "I Don't Like the Quiet" that are perfect to scream along to.

Taking the alt-pop/alt-rock world by storm, The Haunt released their self-titled debut EP in 2018. The group was co-founded by siblings Anastasia Grace Haunt (vocals) and Maxamillion "Max" Haunt (guitar, production). Completing the quartet, Nat Smallish (bass) and Nick Lewert (drums) joined Anastasia and Maxamillion to form The Haunt. The band is dedicated to pushing sonic boundaries, blending elements of classic and contemporary rock/pop music. Establishing an already impressive career, The Haunt has spent time sharing the stage with acts like Palaye Royale, The Struts, The Hu, and Filter. Some of their popular releases include "Cigarettes & Feelings," "I'm Not Yours," "Love You Better," and "Shake."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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