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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "i don't like u" - Ariane Gabriel

"i don't like u" is the latest angsty, anthemic track by Ariane Gabriel. It comes inspired by a sleepless night when her ex would not stop blowing up her phone. Here, Gabriel gives them the biggest 'F you' ever by just singing about how much she doesn't like them or wish them well at all. If this is a sentiment you share, you'll find screaming the track to be a cathartic experience, as she puts into lyrics all the words she didn't reply to her ex with. The honest lyrics and intense production reminded me of artists like Olivia Rodrigo, Nessa Barrett, and Lexi Jayde. If you are looking for a song that feels like sticking up your middle finger at your ex, this is the track for you.

The song begins with Gabriel addressing her ex with the raw lyrics "Yeah, you really did me dirty / Made me feel I wasn't worthy of your love." The first verse and pre-chorus feature strong pop sounds, but these lead into a high-energy rock-like production as the song continues. Her vocals shine bright on the powerful bridge as she sings "And I've been counting the ways or how I would phrase or cuss you out / Cause I'm sick of your face making it's way in every thought." Her vocals are backed by steady guitar and drum sounds that add to the intensity and anger in her lyrics. Together, with the lyricism, vocals, and production, the track comes together as one that has surely cemented itself as one that will be added to several breakup playlists.

Ariane Gabriel is a French-American singer-songwriter that combines powerful lyricism with pop sounds, as we can see within her latest released track. Her first single "Trust Fund Kids" released in 2019, a song in which she sings about not fitting in with the wealthy crowd and not wanting to associate with them. She has a handful of singles out to stream if you enjoyed this latest single. For any new updates about her music or life, don't forget to click on the links to her social media platforms before and follow. I highly enjoyed "i don't like u" and can't wait to see what Ariane Gabriel shall release next.

Written By Sydney Gray



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