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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "I don't wanna love like you" - Katelyn Butcher

There's nothing worse than that moment when you realize the person you've fallen in love with is a narcissist. They've manipulated you into loving them, just to never give you the same amount of love back. They enjoy the idea of someone they couldn't care less about, spending all their time feeding their ego and giving them attention. "I don't wanna love like you" by Katelyn Butcher touches base on relationships like this. Katelyn lists out their toxic behaviors and makes sure that this person knows they're so horrible, that she'd never want to ever be like them. If you can even call it love, Katelyn sings of how she doesn't want to love someone in the way this person does, "take all that you can, 'til you can't steal anymore".

If you've ever been in a relationship where all they ever did was take but never give, this song is for you. "I don't wanna love like you" is a soft and emotional, yet energetic pop ballad. It has some early 2000's pop/rock tones and a very real type of soundscape with minimal electronic instrumentation. The rawness of the guitar and drums really shine through in this song. Katelyn has a mesmerizing gentle voice that carries the lyrics beautifully. It's pure emotion punches you in the gut, especially if it's a situation you can relate to. It's the type of song that you put your headphones on, lay in your bed and close your eyes to so you can take it all in and appreciate it in the way it deserves.

Katelyn Butcher is an indie pop singer/songwriter from Knoxville, Tennessee who is now based in Los Angeles, California. Katelyn has been singing ever since she was little, but began writing and producing at the age of 17. Her writing is raw and emotional, in which she strives to use her music to help others through their life struggles. Katelyn began releasing music in 2019 with her debut single, "Goodbye Boy" and has steadily released 10 more singles throughout the years, including this latest release of "i don't wanna love like you". This year alone so far, Katelyn released two others songs; so if you loved this one, make sure to also check out "You Lied" and "Saying Things I Don't Mean"!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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