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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "I Don't Work For You" - Julian Guba

Working for others can be frustrating when you have to deal with demands and rules that either don’t make sense, are unfair, or leave you with no input. It can affect your mood showing up to that job everyday and leave you feeling angry working for people like this. However, the necessity to support yourself financially may force you to deal with these situations despite feeling powerless to change them. "I Don't Work For You" by Julian Guba is a powerful song coming from his frustration with the limitations and control of working for others and having to comply with disagreeable demands. The lyrics serve as an outlet for expressing his emotions and will definitely resonate with many who share similar experiences in their own workplaces.

This song is based on a true story from Julian's previous job. His job required him to work with another company once a month, but one day, there was a communication error and he wasn't properly informed of the time he was supposed to show up. After leaving his first office, intending to take a break and eat before showing up to the next job, the other company unexpectedly called, demanding his immediate presence, even though Julian wasn't scheduled to be there yet. This situation left him jumping from one office to the next without a break or time to eat, resulting in his anger and frustration. Despite expressing his frustration in the song, Julian transforms it into a summer hit, infusing it with a catchy beat that will have you bobbing your head. The lyrics convey Julian's strong desire to break free from the job due to its unprofessionalism and disrespect for his personal time, as indicated by the line, "Cannot keep in a cage what you cannot tame." He emphasizes that he could easily leave the company that only requires his presence once a month, and never return, by stating, "Before you try to tell me what to do, hey baby, I don't work for you. And I got work to do. You really dare to come at me again?"

Julian Guba is a 22 year-old singer-songwriter and producer based in Vienna, Austria. His sound is unique and stands out due to his blending of Electronic Dance and Pop music, as well as being relatable due to showcasing his personal experiences and emotions. He writes, produces, creates his own cover arts, directs and edits his own music videos, and mixes and masters his own music. This is impressive, and it’s very clear how extremely involved and devoted he is to his craft. Keep up with Julian Guba by clicking on the links below, and check out his newest single, “I Don’t Work For You” out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem


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