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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "I Don't Care (If You Don't Care)" - Mary And The Sharks

If you find comfort in solitude with your partner. If you’d choose to be alone with them over going out. Mary And The Sharks can sympathize. In her new song, “I Don’t Care (If You Don’t Care)” the idea of staying in with your partner and just vibing is the main focus. “I Don’t Care” is a track riddled with unique familiarity, a new twist on the classic alternative pop sound. Mixing the classic sounds of the 90s with the entrancing sounds of the future, Mary And The Sharks has managed to place themselves in a completely different genre, not quite alt pop but not quite alt rock. Her sound is raw and drenched with club inspired production.

Her premier track “Heavy Head" carried a similar vibe to this one. Syncopated bass beats with vibrant choruses that mimic a melancholic dance record. It enchants you with its originality. The song begins with a muted bass drum hit ringing through rhythmically. This is immediately accompanied by the decadent and romantic vocals. Their lyrical prowess draws you in instantly. the opening lyrics set the tone for this sultry track “another fucked up night with people we don’t like I’d rather be alone with you” Lyrics like this place the listener into the right space of consciousness. Anyone can enjoy this song but putting yourself in the headspace of an introverted couple that thrives off escaping the world together makes for an incredible listening experience.

Berlin-based singer/songwriter Mary And The Sharks released their debut song, 'Heavy Head' in 2019. Spending the last few years writing for other artists, she decided it was time to continue her own discography and released her second song, I Don't Care (If You Don't Care). Being inspired by growing up in the 90s, Mary And The Sharks sound is described as the 'fusion of old and new - analog and digital'. If you're a fan of 90s nostalgia, make sure to give Mary And The Sharks a follow below and keep up with her journey.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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