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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "I Fell In Love" - Sharl

We learn a lot of life lessons from experiencing romantic relationships, both good and bad. "I Fell In Love" by Sharl is the realization that the person you thought you'd love forever, wasn't the person you thought they were after all. After a breakup, at first you're completely devastated. Your mind and heart go into shock while you lay in bed for a few days and let all your emotions out onto your pillow. But the next phase of a break up is waking up and realizing why you needed to end it. So many things come to light and you know now that you're better off without them. Sometimes we don't realize how toxic someone is until they're gone, because love truly is blind.

Behind Sharl's raw and emotional vocals is a strong, early 2000's HipHop influenced beat. You can feel the darkness and pain in every word Sharl sings as she tries to convince herself that she can survive the heartbreak she's going through no matter how bad it hurts. "I fell in love with the wrong guy; Broke me down 'til I had enough, times were hard but I'm better now." It's easy to let someone you love get away with things they shouldn't, but a person can only take so much before we break. There's a line in the bridge that really resonated with me, and it goes, "With more understanding, I found myself." This line seems so simple but it speaks beyond words. In relationships, we can lose ourselves in the other person until we don't know who we are anymore. But once we break away from that person and take the time to logically understand what we went through and why we went through it, we can learn to find ourselves again.

Sharl is a singer/songwriter originally from the UK who now resides in Melbourne, Australia. Sharl is also a doctor and a fashionista. She has had a passion for music from a very young age and finally decided to pursue her dream within the past year. Her debut album, 'City Lights' is coming soon this year so keep an eye out! Sharl also has released two other singles off her upcoming album, "That Girl" and "Let Me Know". Her Spotify is linked below if you want to check them out! We also have done an interview with Sharl on her song "Let Me Know" which you can find with the link below!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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