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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "I Found My Brain" - Eden Rain

Relaxed and relatable, Eden Rain has released her latest contribution to the indie pop world, "I Found My Brain." The track was inspired by Rain and one of her friends' dating experiences, shedding light on some love life woes. Rain elaborates, "This song was written based partially on mine and partially on my friends dating stories. Its about losing your brain, your identity, yourself, to fit into someone elses view of you. Really important and angry song for me to write because in the past I, and other friends I know, really struggled to feel like we had a voice in relationships / situationships and would just sort of place our brains and comfort out of the picture and do and be whatever for someone who wanted us. It took me a long time of thinking badly about myself that I wasn’t right or enough for someone before I even clocked to wonder if they were right for me." The haunting narrative behind "I Found My Brain" is one that will resonate with many listeners, providing an outlet for anyone who has lost their sense of self in a relationship.

It was love at first listen after hearing Eden Rain's "I Found My Brain." Creating an enthralling single that'll keep listeners hooked, Rain pairs a compelling indie soundscape with her flawless vocals. "I Found My Brain" features sultry guitar riffs and laid-back pop beats, providing a contemplative backdrop for Rain's crisp, seductive voice. Though the song's message is steeped in anger from past relationships, Rain's sound is easy-going, masterfully pairing authentic, frustrated lyrics with breezy, memorable melodies. "I Found My Brain" is a delicious look into Rain's upcoming EP, But I'm Alright Now, giving listeners much to look forward to.

Hailing from Leeds, Eden Rain is an indie/alt pop star on the rise. The artist made her debut in 2021 with her single, "Wake Up, You're Stuck," launching her promising music career. Rain got her start working with her friend's dad, Tim Kellett, having songwriting sessions together. The two worked together on Rain's first three singles, resulting in Kellett introducing her to her first manager. Some of Rain's popular releases include "Terry and Julie," "Close To You," "Oh God," and "Crumb." Her sound is comparable to acts like Matilda Mann, Wallice, spill tab, and Claud.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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