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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "i gave u my number" - Allison Leah

There’s something about those star-lit, moon-glow nights that make budding romances even more magical. It’s as if all of the stars in the sky granted your wish to find someone in that moment and nothing can break their spell. Allison Leah depicts this feeling of when you begin a new relationship in “i gave u my number,” a dreamy folk/alternative single that leaves you pining for something similar to happen to you: “Met you in a bar//Down on Second Street//And you danced with me//And I felt so free”. Those butterflies that take flight after a promising encounter are enchanting, but also force your mind to be filled with compulsive questions like, “Will you dream of me when I’m not with you?” and, “Will you love me?”. This song is one many of us can relate to, have related to in the past, or wish to relate to in the near future, which shows Allison Leah’s potency on relatable lyricism. For now, Allison Leah is proving through her song that it’s her world and we’re just living in it—or in this case, listening to it.

Dancing down the streets of New York at the brisk of dawn after a spell-bounding night of promising romance, with a bright-eyed smile on your face, is exactly what the production of this single sounds like. Starry melodies, synths that strike optimism, and uplifting guitars that carry a wave of nostalgia fill the instrumentation of the song, easing the listener into seeing past the lyrics. “i gave u my number” is one of those songs that feels like you’re within it, which could pose as a challenge to some musicians to accomplish, but not for Allison Leah. It’s clear that she has a natural knack for capturing her feelings not only within her lyrics, but in the production as well. Her true artistry stems from her stamina while pushing herself past normal elements as she stated herself: “…we even took a bag of ash from the fireplace, dropped it on the ground, and recorded this. This sound became the kick drum in ‘I gave you my number’”. The light brush of folk infused pop within the track, mixed with her sweet ethereal voice, shows comparisons to Florence Welch; an old-soul and passionate singer from the English Indie rock band, Florence and the Machine. Through her single, “i gave u my number,” Allison Leah demonstrates that artists do not have to limit themselves to traditional songwriting rules. You can incorporate different genres of music together. You can even use a bag of ash from the fireplace as an instrument. As long as you are passionate with your music, your genuineness will shine through. And that’s exactly what Allison Leah is—a passionate, genuine star.

Allison Leah is a New-York born and Nashville based singer/songwriter, who has a captivating voice and a gift for storytelling. Starting from the early age of 8, Leah began working as a jingle-singer, exposing her to the industry and expanding her love for music. Since then, she has worked hard to fashion her own path in the music world and is an ongoing dedicated artist that is set to make a name for herself. Generating streams and winning the hearts of press outlets, her EP “the weight of my heart”, featuring her newest single, “i gave u my number” has proven her will to do so.

Written By Amanda Palacios


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