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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "I Hope Your Demons Look Like Me" - TULLE

TULLE’s latest single is a fiery dark-pop track about accepting fate and leaning into the role of a villain. “I Hope Your Demons Look Like Me” explores the grim “themes of revenge and transformation.” TULLE’s lyrics detail the aftermath of being done wrong by someone and her road to vengeance. Through the vivid imagery and biblical allegories, she describes transforming into the soulless villain that this person made her become. Although the first verse and the chorus only allude to the destruction and grief this person caused, the second verse bluntly exposes the truth. TULLE sings: “You made me what I am// You have yourself to blame// All the years of deceit, all the years of pain// I had to reincarnate.” After all the deception, lies, and betrayal, TULLE decided to embrace the dark side. The chorus reveals the sinister, yet clever hook: “I hope your demons look like me// You wanna see me in your dreams// I told you I can smell fear, come over here// I hope your demons look like me.” With these lines, TULLE ingeniously depicts her desire to be the ghost that haunts their dreams and the demon that lurks in the shadows. The imagery is gloomy and mysterious, making “I Hope Your Demons Look Like Me” one of my top songs of the year and an excellent addition to TULLE’s morbid and gothic discography.

“I Hope Your Demons Look Like Me” perfectly encapsulates TULLE’s characteristic ominous aesthetic with the eerie lyrics and the dark production. The song kicks off with a bass line that is reminiscent of early 2000s rock. A brief synth wave that is met by TULLE’s vocals signify the beginning of the first verse. In the background, a guitar plays the melody with a significant delay effect that provides an echo on the notes. The audience is hit with the first indication of pop influence when the beat is introduced. The first chorus contains only the beat and the guitar, before the beat drops and the bass returns for the full synth production. The dynamic track contains a consistent flow between the bass line and the beat drops to deliver a mesmerizing dark EDM soundscape. With “I Hope Your Demons Look Like Me,” TULLE once again gives listeners a satisfying blend of deep synth beats and electrifying guitar riffs to create her iconic “death-pop” genre.

TULLE is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter based in Oslo, Norway. She has been writing music from a young age and takes inspiration from alt-pop artists such as Lorde, Phoebe Bridgers, and Glass Animals. To explain her dark genre of music, she coined the term “Death-Pop.” In August 2022, she made her aesthetic known with her debut single, “Dead Dead Dead.” Each release since then has upheld this very dark imagery, with “I Hope Your Demons Look Like Me” as her fifth single. She is currently working on her debut EP, From A World So Unkind, which discusses themes of “loss, grief, suffering and rebirth, and aims to ask the big questions; what happens after death, and what do we become after grief?” Her unique and grim style instantly catches the attention of listeners and lures them in to discover exactly what “Death-Pop” entails.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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