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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "I JUST WANNA DANCE!" - Bentley Robles x LEXXE

It's evident, from the belting chorus to the all-caps stylization of the title, that Bentley Robles and LEXXE not only desire dance-floor liberation on their collaborative, latest single — they demand it. "I JUST WANNA DANCE!" is truly lightning in a bottle, finding the two artists reaching new heights. Immediately notable is the exquisite blending of Robles and LEXXE's voices; together, their thick vocals over impish melody make for an irresistible, sweet-and-sour combination. At times, it sounds as though they're the singular voice of ecstasy. The strength of their performances is only amplified by the exquisite dance pop production. Producer Florio provides the duo a springboard of glossy synths to soar off of. Hints of disco and 80's-pop course through the veins of "I JUST WANNA DANCE," lending it the vivifying glory of Cher, Sky Ferreira, and Kylie Minogue. All tied together with a music video as colorful and high-energy as the music? Yes please!

"Can't chain me, I've made up my mind," Robles smirks in the pulsing first verse. The club is rendered as an altar for freedom, fun, and authenticity. By releasing their inhibitions and reservations, the two discover their truest selves in the strobing lights, booming speakers, and intoxicating drinks. It's true dance-floor worship (even referring to "heaven in a Saturday night") in the tradition of disco classics. They playfully capture the way dancing can make one feel like the center of everything. "Pop star at the party, I'm a dancing queen; can't you hear the way that they scream?" Through the sweaty bliss of "I JUST WANNA DANCE!" Robles and LEXXE exemplify why nightlife remains a powerful epicenter for queer joy. It's the place where one might feel truly free.

With a sophomore EP on the way, Bentley Robles is preparing to once again attain career heights in 2023. The project, set to release later this fall, features prior singles "HOPE U CRY" and "SIDE EFFECTS." The New York artist has been constantly shattering expectations since his debut in 2019. With "I JUST WANNA DANCE!" Robles and LEXXE sought to highlight the queer euphoria at the heart of both their music through anthemic dance-pop. In her solo music, LEXXE is a master of dance-pop both dazzling and dark. With experience in Long Island's artistic underground, from dance to punk, she imbues her music with the diverse and refreshing layers to her experience.

Written By Andy M.

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