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  • Abigail Mornhinweg

Review: "I Like Mondays" - Taylor Bickett

Taylor Bickett has released her new single “I Like Mondays.” A single about Taylor’s perfectionism and her struggles with it, “I Like Mondays,” touches on the way New Year’s resolutions and scrolling on social media can make us feel. Saying that she’s “trying to surrender / but I’m hardwired to fight,” the struggles of letting go of perfectionism and surrendering to giving one grace and not beating yourself up is a complex feeling that doesn’t come quickly. In an age where self-love and self-compassion take over our feeds and is fed constantly by mainstream media, “I Like Mondays” emphasizes the struggle of the journey of not being perfect by social media standards. 

Taylor’s “Quarter Life Crisis” has been on repeat on my playlists since it appeared on my TikTok in 2022, so hearing this new single when I’m in a place of trying to get over perfectionism and not being the adult who has it all together. This song read me like a book, to be honest. The message of the song, giving yourself grace but struggling along the way, is all too relatable to me right now. Multiple journals for self-reflection that haven’t been touched, a reliance on caffeine that gives me too much anxiety, and trying to give myself more grace are all things Taylor mentions in the song and situations that I know people in my circles are also trying to work on. The feeling of starting over and becoming a new person seems appealing, and what day is even more perfect than Mondays? If it doesn’t, though, it’s okay. That’s a message we all need to hear, and Taylor does a fantastic job delivering it.

You may know Taylor Bickett from her hit “Quarter Life Crisis.” It’s a song that took over people’s For You Pages in 2022, but Taylor’s other songs show off her range of singles, such as “IDIOT!” and “You’re Not a Bad Person.” A Nashville loca and a self-dubbed “professional oversharer,”, Taylor is well-known for her indie pop hits. These songs have accumulated her over 438,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and near 100,000 followers on Spotify. If you liked “Quarter Life Crisis” and “I Like Mondays,” keeping up with Taylor is a must. You can catch Taylor on tour with Ron Pope, and if you cannot make it to her live performances, you can always keep up with all things Taylor Bickett on her social media, linked below.

Written By Abigail Mornhinweg



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