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  • Casey Hascup

Review: "I'll be your light" - Myah

Introducing Myah’s latest heart-wrenching single, “I’ll be your Light.” This song tells the age-old tale of a breakup aftermath. Within the lyrics, Myah mourns her relationship’s shared space. She’s haunted by the memories of happier times spent with an ex-loved one. On the topic of “I’ll be your Light,” Myah believes you’ll relate to the song if “you’ve ever experienced heartbreak or that feeling of wanting someone back.” The singer takes time to reminisce on the past but also reveals the glimmer of hope she possesses; it reminds her of the small chance they could get back together one day. “I’ll be your Light” also paints a vivid picture of Myah’s moving experience post-breakup, “Hate that the movers came/ Hate that they painted the place/ Hate that they emptied all our shared things.” The imagery which evokes these lines is powerful; I believe it will resonate with audiences immensely. Collectively, the lyricism of the track is amazingly well done!

From the get-go, “I’ll be your light” will captivate audiences with its intense opening. The instrumentals and lyrics work to create a palpable buildup to the chorus which is both exciting and passionate. The drums on the track provide a solid foundation; they’re quite dynamic and exhilarating. Notably, the production value of the song really shines through, every instrument is crafted to perfection and Myah’s voice can be heard crystal clear and brimming with emotion. The song’s heartfelt message is only amplified by the success of its instrumentation; as a result “I’ll be your light” is sure to evoke an irresistible charm and relatability to anyone who takes a listen.

Myah is a talented music artist and self-proclaimed storyteller who has found success in various of her singles including “Hide” and “Everything.” Myah is currently releasing music as an independent artist. Her talents have secured her over 2,365 monthly Spotify listeners and 18.9k Youtube subscribers thus far. Her Youtube channel includes entertaining vlogs, music videos, and covers of popular new tracks such as “Coney Island” by Taylor Swift. If you loved “I’ll be your Light” and you’re ready to hear more music from Myah, be sure to follow her on all of the social media sites listed below!

Written By Casey Hascup



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