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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "I'll Wait" - Gary Mictian

On his latest single, "I'll Wait," Gary Mictian documents the moments in time when a partner becomes the one that got away. Over immaculately produced dancepop, the London-based singer/songwriter stretches lifetimes inside its swift pace. Even as the track races into a blitz of drum'n'blass, "I'll Wait" keeps its focal point heart-racingly intimate as melancholy whirls around in a vortex of motion blur. The booming synthetic bass and modulated vocal layering give the song distinctly modern sensibilities, though the emphasis on sticky melody places it in league with y2k pop classics. Equally suited for a neon-infused rave as it is for a contemplative, late-night drive, "I'll Wait" is transcendent music for transcendent emotion.

"It scares me," Mictian admits as the drum'n'bass fire off. It's so direct and earnestly delivered that it renders the energetic dancebeat in distinct shades of blue. This is the magic behind "I'll Wait." All the trademark fixtures of electronic pop music are gloriously weaved into the melodies, but they're softened into disarmingly complex emotional peaks and valleys. The lyrics blend from a monochromatic palette of emotional nuances ("Gave you all I had, and I still couldn't give enough," is developed on with "I can't break free from the thought that I let you down.") For as directionless as he may feel, his artistic vision is extraordinarily clear-eyed.

Gary Mictian is an indie-pop singer/songwriter and producer originally from New Zealand. Now based in London, his work primarily fuses electronic pop with cinematic sound, while always pushing beyond the boundaries of genre. Many of his productions feature elements of glitchy production, akin to hyperpop, while also seeking emotional introspection and humanity. "I'll Wait" is just one of four incredible singles Mictian released in 2022. His music makes for a fantastic headphones experience. His ear for melodic songwriting and intricate production make Mictian an artist to be watching out for in 2023!

Written By Andy Mockbee



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