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  • Alison Holst

Review: "I'm At A Loss" - Alta Falls

Starting with upbeat and catchy 80s synths, “I’m At A Loss” by Alta Falls, merges together sounds of the past and sounds of the present. Using this approach Alta Falls creates a passageway to nostalgia in the present time. Alta Falls has created their own niche in music, supplied by their immense talent, and ability to create intricate instrumentals. You will not only be hooked by “I’m At A Loss”, but it will also make you fall in love with the rest of their fantastic discography.

“I'm At A Loss” opens with 80s style synths and beats, transporting listeners’ ears to sounds of the past. As the song continues the song begins to adopt more contemporary sounds found in Pop, that become most evident in the chorus. During the chorus the varying sounds and vibes of the song merge to create its own unique presence. The bridge is the most electrifying part of the song with the lyric “keep on breathing” being sung repetitively in the background, building anticipation and tension for the song's completion. The melody created throughout the entire song, finds a way to hold so much depth, and give listeners a melancholic feeling. Whilst, all of this takes place in the instrumentals, the lyrics of “I’m At A Loss” tell a sullen story, of feeling lost in one’s own head.

Alta Falls is an Australian based group breaking into the indie music scene. Alta Falls is bringing something new to the table with their ability to mold and combine different styles of music together. Their style of both lyrics and instrumentals create a euphoric, and melancholic feeling for their music, something that attributes to why “I’m At A Loss” is the type of song you want to put on repeat for a few hours.

Written By Alison Holst



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