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  • Megan Cao

Review: "I'm Good" - Ari Tahan

“I’m Good” is a soulful and joyous goodbye to the lamentations after a breakup; instead, Tahan sets her head high as she dusts herself off and prioritizes her own self-worth and growth over the needs of others. From other emotive and uplifting songs like “Lights Down” and “Pull Me Down”, Tahan is no stranger to warning against the destructive need for constant outside validation, and by searching out a way to be happy with herself, Tahan shows her audience that at the end of the day, everyone must be comfortable with themselves to truly be happy and content in life. Her fierce and proud demonstration of herself and her own true values blazes a new path after a breakup, the path of self-discovery rather than self-destruction.

The danceable electronic beat envelopes beautifully with Tahan’s smooth and mellow voice. Though the song starts softer, it reaches greater heights as the climax in the chorus bursts into a seductive and exciting apex that screams for positivity but also self-reflection. As Tahan muses over the breakup, she realizes that though it still hurts, she doesn’t need her partner as she thought anymore; she’s found the strength within herself and embraced her qualities, confident in her identity and values. From Tahan’s songwriting prowess alongside her emotional vocals emerges a passionate song that argues for you and prioritizes your happiness rather than the feelings of others.

A soulful artist from Guildford, Surrey, Tahan’s music emphasizes the emotions and meaningful concepts we feel and look to unpack every day. Her influences, Adele, Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson and more, are easily seen in the emotionally impactful singles she’s released over the past five years. The industry is simply buzzing about her unique style -- from being synced on Love Island to being played on BBC Introducing, it’s clear that Ari Tahan is here to stay. Her desire to leave her listeners energized, empowered, and confident with head-banging anthems demonstrates her aspirations toward the world she builds, a noble theme that results in catchy but also admirable songs.

Written By Megan Cao



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