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  • Ari Schweitzer

Review: "I'm Not Dead Yet" - Mike Posner

While there’s no doubt that pop music has its fair share of heartbreaking songs, Mike Posner has taken the scene to the next level with his latest release “I’m Not Dead Yet”. This time the heartbreak isn't about love, but the pain that comes with being an artist. The song’s incredibly written lyrics provide heartfelt insight into Posner’s perspective of his musical career at large, a kind of personal dialogue that is rare to come by and can’t be done by just anybody. “I’m Not Dead Yet” is a masterclass in expressive songwriting and unique commentary. The music industry puts a lot of pressure on artists to come out with the next "hit song", especially when you've already had a song that everyone knows by heart. There's an internal struggle that tells you you'll never beat what you've already done. This is exactly what Mike Posner has done with "I'm Not Dead Yet".

The song starts with a catchy snap-a-long rhythm and Posner’s melodic exposition describing a depressive mood. The music makes you want to dance and sing along, but then you release what the lyrics are saying which creates a perfect juxtaposition. The lines “I get paid for my pain as long as I can make it rhyme / but sometimes I can’t tell if it’s even mine” are the bread and butter of the song’s meta commentary. Posner beautifully sings about the exploitation of his suffering through his music, and how what he really wants to say gets twisted beyond recognition just to make another hit song. As the synth pad and drum machine are abruptly cut off, Poser switches to a classic acoustic guitar singing “this is what a sad song sounds like”, then ramps up the energy with the percussion and synths to repeat that phrase between lines describing his emotional turmoil.

Mike Posner has already left his mark on the 21st century’s music scene with songs like “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” and “Cooler Than Me”, and continues to release his music to critical acclaim. “I’m Not Dead Yet” is one of the most genuine songs the industry has seen in years from an artist who never disappoints, and listening to it is an absolute must for any long-time Posner fans and everyone looking to dive into his amazing discography. Although "I'm Not Dead Yet" is about struggling to write good music, Mike Posner never fails to blow me away with his incredible talents.

Written By Ari Schweitzer and Kaitlyn Nicole



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