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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "I'm Sorry I Let You Down" - Hannah Robinson

The never-ending feeling of a knot inside you tightening every second along with the voices that won’t leave your head makes it impossible to ever feel at peace. Hannah Robinson explores the feeling of anxiety in her latest release “I’m Sorry I Let You Down” as it serves as an introspective exploration of feeling as if you are betraying yourself. The song moves with edge a creates a deep understanding of what lives in so many of our heads. The song itself encompasses that classic indie rock sound with a dash of goth in the guitar tones. “I’m Sorry I Let You Down” pierces through you with its ghostly ambiance, producing a true work of art.

From the moment you hit play Robinson’s voice grasps you and it’s hard to step away once you start listening. The darkness that is birthed from this track makes listeners feel as if they are walking in a dream-like state. The lyrical content defines the isolation of your own mind, making the track so personal to Robinson, and yet incredibly universal. “My mind races and chases, until I’m tumbling down and losing control” perfectly describes how anxiety can feel very physical to the point that it can be very frightening. The repetition of apologies throughout the song expresses the speaker's shame in what is happening, and it perfectly captures how everyone feels as if these emotions are betrayal to oneself. With “I’m Sorry I Let You Down” Hannah Robinson has defined the bleakness of one’s mind and how haunting these thoughts can be.

Hannah Robinson is an artist based in Newcastle whose atmospheric sound has captured many listeners. Her strong personality shines through her work and it’s clear that she’s an artist who’s come here to make her mark. This musical project began in 2022 and since then has made a name for herself in her local scene and has gotten the opportunity to perform several headliner shows. The style that Hannah Robinson produces is very mystical and it excites you to see everything that she can do. “I’m Sorry I Let You Down” is clearly a very personal project for the artist and it highlights what a great artist Hannah Robinson will be.

Written By Chantal Charles


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