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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "I Need to Go Home" - Isla Noon

Isla Noon recently released her newest single “I Need to Go Home;” a dance-pop piece about when you hit that one point in the night at the club when you want nothing more than to just leave. Yes, going out can be really fun as you dance around with your friends, loosening up to the music blasting all around you, all while you have a drink in your hand. It all sounds like the perfect way to have a good time for a night, but you can’t do this forever. You’ll sober up eventually and all that fun will slowly start to come to an end. In this mindset, everything around you turns from the glittering greatness that it used to be into a sour environment. You start to notice how crowded it is, how loud the music and people are, and how blinding the lights are. Isla mixes lyrics explaining this plateau with an electric melody.

Just like Isla’s other pieces, she chose to give this song a very upbeat and electric melody. There are a lot of sounds that go into this song, which makes this piece very elaborate and exciting for her listeners. The melody also stays very light, just like Isla’s vocals. Isla has a very soft and light voice which matches perfectly the genre she selects to write and produce under. Songs in this kind of genre of pop music tend to keep happier melodies and lighter vocals, which is exactly what Isla accomplished. Isla tends to stand out from the rest due to the diversity of sound in her melody and the fact that the lyrics are about a melancholy event, contrasting the upbeat vibe of the song. She talks about how she’s listening to “a bad imitation of a love song” while “the girl dancing behind me is starting to cry into her drink.” Isla does an amazing job at being descriptive of the scene around her in order to transport her listeners to the scene that she’s writing about. Between the depth that she shows in her lyrics and sound, Isla created a very intricate and interesting piece with this single.

Isla Noon has been involved with music ever since she was a child. Growing up, she was writing songs and learning guitar which lead her to enroll in the University of Auckland to earn her Bachelor of Music. In this environment, she was able to work in a more professional environment and network with others within the music industry in order to establish herself as an artist. She signed with Bigpop Records in 2017 and has stuck with them ever since. As for her creative process, Isla says that her pieces are based on visuals about the ideas she has. She then moves into free writing for her lyrics once the vibe of the song is set. Isla is very modern with her music and writes songs that stay in tune with the direction the pop music genre is heading.

Written By Melina Darlas



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