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  • Miles Tutor

Review: "I Never Meant To" - Bella Bradley

I think the emotions on the cover speak for itself. The words of two-faced love scream out so subtly on Bella Bradley's new single "I Never Meant To." "I'm too damn busy" is a common feeling that people feel in an unsure relationship or even a friendship that doesn't feel right. Throughout the song, Bella is displaying a person who is hurt by unrequited love but still wants to reconcile with their lover and still has those positive feelings on getting back together. A bad relationship can really become the coldest winter for anyone!

This song is beautifully produced! The orchestral strings that ride throughout the song and keep swirling in the background brings so much musical depth into an emotional ballad that Bella is trying to convey. I love the skeletal grand piano that really mellows out the verses in the song and emphasizes the lyrics very much. The bridge is so damn good to this song as it brings such a nice incline to the song's energy and incorporates a multivariable set of instruments that the rest of the song doesn't use much. Bella's angelic voice is definitely the cherry-on-top that makes the song so real and emotion-heavy. Bloody well done Bella!

Bella Bradley is a singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom whose vision is to create heartfelt songs with buildups to both the messages and the sonics of every song. However, this is not Bella's first rodeo! She has released 2 other singles including "Losing Sleep" and her first single "Pictures" that I recommend everyone to listen to. Go give Bella a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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