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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "I Really Like Her" - ZELA

ZELA releases bisexuality-flooded single, “I Really Like Her.” This track tells the age-old story about falling for someone unavailable. We all fall for people we shouldn’t, but the heart wants what it wants. There’s no heartbreak quite as devastating as losing someone who was never fully yours. The friends-lovers-strangers trope continues to leave unwilling parties devastated in its wake. It’s easy to fall for someone in dark bars with strong drinks and music that makes you want to move a little closer, but when the sun comes up, the party seems to end as quickly as it started. Even if you know this whirlwind romance is going to end tragically, there’s a reason people say “it’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.” Life is full of lessons to be learned, and some of us will learn them over and over because when you really like someone… there’s not much you can do to change your heart’s destiny.

“I Really Like Her” was inspired by front-woman Liv Griff’s turbulent romance between herself and a girl unavailable. It’s silhouetted against the dirty dancefloors and cigarette-tinged kisses of the Northern Indie music scene. Liv Griff maintains her signature bratty approach to songwriting, but this time, she infused lyrics guaranteed to immerse you in the British cinematic heartache of friends-to-lovers-to-strangers. The painfully emotive melodies meld seamlessly with an explosive performance from brother, Max Griff, on drums. The song is reminiscent of E4’s Skins, features lyrics akin to those of early Arctic Monkeys and explores Liv’s first queer experiences. The pop vocal hooks and embodiment of themes from youthful British culture reminiscent come together to create a striking LGBTQ+ anthem the world needs.

ZELA is made up of two siblings, Liz and Max Griff, from the North-East England. The duo has created a dark and imaginative brand of attitude-laced alt-pop. Described as Charlie XCX meets Wolf Alice, with a hint of Blondie and Yungblud, they are in a league of their own in the industry. The pair have become known for their signature bratty approach to lyricism and songwriting. After bursting onto the scene in 2020, ZELA has delivered a string of singles, each exploring complex topics and their own brand of unique Brat-Pop. They have quickly established themselves as an act not to be missed on a line-up. ZELA has big plans to continue making 2023 their own, and “I Really Like Her” is just a taste of their outrageous genius and total takeover.

Written By Grace Chapman



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