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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "I Should've Known" - Sydney Gordon

Sydney Gordon has wowed us again with her new single “I Should’ve Known”. Showcasing her incredible power, Sydney speaks about betrayal and personal experiences though her deep cutting lyrics. She pulls us through this anger and leads us to a feeling of empowerment, singing, “Don’t waste your breath on me. I won't play stupid again.” Sydney is able to show us how to come back from something difficult and realize that we can all grow and become stronger from our past. She recognizes the signs from her relationship and can show us how we can always begin to sense the light at the end of the tunnel after the anger and frustration.

Sydney is an alternative pop powerhouse! In “I Should’ve Known” she uses her strength fully and does not hold back. The song starts out with a soft tune and her voice begins to capture you with the first line. In the beginning she allows us to hear the sadness within her voice, but that quickly changes. Picking up with a beautiful sequence of notes, she grabs us by the heart and allows us to feel every emotion. The strong beats that hit each note align with Sydney's voice, and create a sense of roundness. This song feels like an experience, and by the end her powerful tone sends us directly into a sense of empowerment.

Sydney Gordon is a rising star, growing her fanbase by releasing songs with her passionate sound. In 2022 alone, Sydney released 5 pop anthems that each provide us with more of her commanding voice. This 21 year old singer is breaking through the noise, creating fresh and memorable music for her fans. Sydney started making music at a young age, and due to that she is growing up with her fans and staying relevant to what they want to hear. Her music can be played for a plethora of different occasions. So whether you need something to blast in your headphones after a long day or something to request on a night out, Sydney Gordon has a song for that. Don’t forget to follow Sydney below, and stream her new single, “I Should’ve Known”!

Written By Cate Schnoebelen


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