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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "I Think I Made You Up" - Chymes

It’s a tale as old as time… still believing the good in someone when there are red flags, roadblocks, and signs screaming to turn around now. When you love someone, it’s easy to give them passes on bad behavior and excuses for poor treatment. We become so intentionally naive because, when your heart is involved, ignorance is bliss. With our rose colored glasses and rosé stained shirt, those glaring red flags suddenly look a little pink, and we'd be fools to throw away something so great for something so little… great and little being the operative words. As we try our damndest to put our feelings aside, fit a square peg into a round hole, and do anything to keep this sinking ship afloat, they’re off betraying us, replacing us, and embarrassing us, and yet, we still stay. We once saw the magic within them and the possibility of forever, so where did it all go wrong? Every relationship begins with innocence, a fresh start, and the chance for this to be the one. We make small allowances for behavior we don’t agree with because the good outweighs the bad, but as time goes on, the problems are skyrocketing and you’re just praying for a net positive outcome. It’s easy to blame ourselves and wonder if we made up the person we’re trying so desperately to hold on to, but even if we did ignore some malice, it is not our fault that someone led us astray and deceived us from the start. People rarely come out from the jump and express their poor qualities. It’s something we learn from time and experiences. It’s not our fault for believing in the good. It’s not our fault for wanting to be treated well. It’s not our fault that some people change. It’s not our fault when someone inevitably drops their mask and shows their true self. It’s not our fault if we see their inner demons, and run like hell.

From the moment “I Think I Made You Up” by Chymes begins, you’re instantly entranced. It’s the perfect combination of sultry and ethereal. It’s the type of song you dance to at the club with your girls, screaming at the top of your lungs, trying not to spill your tequila soda. It’s the type of song you listen to in the car, all the windows rolled down, and you decide to take the long way home. Her soft voice effortlessly melds with the sensual production. “I Think I Made You Up” is an energetic, lighthearted response to a breakup. We still feel all the feelings of regret and wishing we knew then what we know now, but instead of crying, we’re smiling, vibing, and laughing at ourselves. This song urges you to let go and feel free. Life is not about going backwards. We go forward with our new knowledge and promises to ourselves to do it different next time. We see the good in people, and we should never ever regret that, so we live, we loved, we learned, and thank god we can laugh about it.

Chymes is an Australian singer/songwriter. She resides in the mystical dark pop world of music. She has an ever-growing fan base across the world due to her sheer talent and following recognition from BTS star Jungkook. She describes her sound as somewhere between Selena Gomez and BANKS. She likes to play with the contrast of light and playful and dark and moody. There is no surprise that she has accumulated over 30 million streams on Spotify and Apple Music and over a million likes on TikTok. She has supported numerous fellow incredible artists on tour, and she has even had her music featured on popular television shows, like the Pretty Little Liars reboot. Chymes brings so much realness to her music. She is raw and honest while remaining refreshing and illuminating. She is just getting started on her journey to stardom, and we are so glad that we did not make her up.

Written By Grace Chapman



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