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  • George McSherry

Review: "I Think Of You" - Djakarta

'I Think of You', from Djakarta's 2022 EP 'Overseas' puts you at the center of an indie film about your life, shot on 35mm, complete with cigarette burns in the corners. Rife with palpable emotion, the understated track instills a calming sense of contemplation and wonder as it urges you to reminisce as it splices together those bright-burning memories. The track's curated indie-folk-pop sound has an undeniable beach-sunset warmth that makes for essential summer listening.

Soft-grunge guitar chords a la Smashing Pumpkins introduce us to the song underpin the melancholy (melon collie?) feel that the track boasts, supported by the slight strain that provides a refreshing grittiness to the lush vocal performance. Bass guitar, simple drums, piano, and dreamy production overlays all work to flesh out the sound and give the track a full-bodied richness that you can sink your teeth into.

Djakarta is the moniker for singer-songwriter brothers Raphael and Tristan Stuart. The Paris-based duo has roots in Australia in addition to France, drawing on inspiration from cityscapes and the outback alike to craft their sound that they like to refer to as "sun-drenched folk-pop". With talents extending across an array of instruments, the pair are hard to keep in a box, calling upon a variety of production techniques and styles to keep their audiences on their toes.

Written By George McSherry



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