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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "I Wish I Was This Girl" - Mauve

Envy is a hell of a drug and too many people let it take over their lives. Mauve wants to embrace that little bit of bitterness. I Wish I Was This Girl is a cheeky play on jealousy. Seeing someone through the lens of the internet and wishing that was your life is a common experience. It’s normal to feel jealous but it shouldn't be taken so seriously. Mauve refers to this track as an ode to Nepotism babies. That may seem strange to most. Nepotism is a hot topic currently and most don’t take too kindly to those who seem to skip through the hard parts of life. It may not be fair but it can't be changed so, why not blow off some steam with this track? I Wish I Was This Girl is a danceable bubblegum pop track made to help with the ache of bitterness and envy.

The track opens with a beachy guitar and the playful tones of the mauve’s voice. The song immediately elicits a sense of nostalgia. Its instrumental is similar to the iconic bubblegum pop tracks of the 90s. The nostalgia is only a fraction of what makes this track so addicting. Mauve does her best to create vivid images with her lyrics. Each lyric paints a picture of what Mauve herself is seeing that makes her so jealous. Though this track is meant to soften the blow of jealousy Mauve spends a good bit on this track cheekily describing the girl who seems to have everything. The object of Mauve's Jealousy is living it up on beaches and red carpets while Mauve watches. It’s bittersweet because on one hand she wishes he had this life on the other she knows the images she sees may not be true. The lyric “the IG carousel obstructing my view" is a line that points out self-awareness in Mauve. She knows what she is seeing on this girl's Instagram may not be real life but she can't help but feel envious of the lifestyle this girl portrays. The track is fun yet deep and worth multiple listens.

Mauve is a Canadian pop star with so much under her sleeve. With each song, she reveals a part of herself that is relatable and unique. Her songs capture ideas that not many have covered which make her stand out so well among the crowd. She loves dabbling I’m different genres but consistently brings the playful electro-pop she is known for. Mauve sees music as something more than storytelling. She feels as though music can take you to a whole other reality and she perfectly shows this through her sound. She is a unique soul who wants to share her essence with the world through song. She began her journey at 14 years old and has since gained a massive following online. She has been nominated for many awards and this is just the beginning. Mauve can only go up from here and her talents will certainly take her to the top.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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