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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "i wish you would cry" - AZRA

photo cred: Devin Wilson

AZRA's song, "i wish you would cry," serves as a self-love and self-care anthem that encourages individuals to express their emotions through crying. The song highlights the importance of acknowledging that crying is a healthy way of releasing a build up of trauma and emotions. The societal norm of suppressing one's emotions and associating crying with weakness is addressed through this song's therapeutic message. It serves as a reminder to listeners that they should not be afraid to cry regardless of being told that they won't look "strong." Whether you’re having your crying session alone in the car or in bed late at night, it doesn't matter! By releasing emotions, you’re becoming more comfortable with your thoughts and feelings, leading to a sense of relief from the emotional pressure that you've been holding inside all this time.

In the introduction of the song, AZRA addresses the harmful and toxic societal belief that suppressing emotions is a sign of strength, which in turn causes people to fear being vulnerable with themselves. This mentality contributes to a buildup of negative emotions, trauma, and anger. Throughout the song, AZRA progresses from discussing the societal standard of hiding emotions, to coming to the realization that these people truly don’t know what they’re talking about, to then later encouraging her listeners to express themselves, and highlighting that letting your emotions out makes you stronger than ever before. Why is that? Because you feel so much better! Isn’t the thought of that so therapeutic? AZRA says, “Express yourself, say what you mean”, and that holding nothing back, “Turn[s] it all to gold.” This is her way of denouncing the idea that crying is a sign of weakness and advocating for a shift towards a healthier mindset. The chorus features a louder electric guitar and AZRA's powerful vocals as she describes the relief of crying and encourages listeners to let their emotions out. She uses an example of the most common time to cry, which is at night when you’re laying in bed: “At the end of the night when you're wide awake and there's no denying that you're not okay. I wish you would cry, don't keep it inside. I wish you would cry so it won't hurt the same.” Here, she emphasizes that crying is a natural reaction to bottled-up emotions and that it's important to acknowledge and release them in order to feel so much lighter!

AZRA is a pop-rock independent artist that was born in South Korea, but Bay area raised and Los Angeles based. In her Instagram bio, she has written, “New Era. Join the 6th Dimension.” AZRA is aware of the importance of not listening to societal standards and what it deems as “acceptable.” “i wish you would cry” is the perfect example of that. The 6th dimension is another world where you can be yourself and the version of you that you’ve always wanted to become, no matter what anyone else had to say. Within every live performance, AZRA’s goal is to grab her audience with her and transport altogether into the 6th dimension. it's healthier and more accepting on this side. Join AZRA in the 6th dimension and check out her latest single, “i wish you would cry”, out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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