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  • Willow Gray

Review: "IAK" - MELIJAH


MELIJAH’s exciting debut single, “IAK”, captures the powerful mindset behind embracing life’s haters and proving your capability and strength in spite of them. This single’s title, “IAK”, is a clever abbreviation for ever-present lyrics in the chorus, I’ve Always Known. What you always know is your own capabilities in the face of life’s difficulties and naysayers. It doesn’t seem to matter what situation you find yourself in, negativity from others seems to follow you incessantly. You remember the harsh critiques and cruel words they said to you at every turn, and you can no longer tolerate them. The hardships of life have made you stronger and better equipped to stand up for yourself. These trials are incomprehensible to someone who navigates life with overwhelming hatred for people other than themselves. They wait for you to pursue anything and are ready to tear you down for trying. However, these comments have grown to fuel your burning passion for gaining success in your life. You’ve always known that their misery will never know your company, and so you continue to prove them wrong.

“IAK” utilizes its contemporary and dance-pop musicality to craft its uplifting messaging. We begin with an intro that’s noticeably fast-tempoed. This tempo continues throughout the verses and gradually gains more accompaniment as it builds. Once we hit the chorus, we are greeted with an exciting change in vocality. The tempo slows slightly and suddenly picks up again with an instrumental break. This instrumentation is reminiscent of the early to mid 2010s pop-EDM hitmakers such as Calvin Harris and The Chainsmokers. What is derived from this instrumentation choice and its lack of vocals is how balanced this single is. It is not solely focused on vocals or its messaging, but rather it utilizes the instrumentation to tell its story as well. This energetic chorus and mood throughout is reminiscent of the positive mindset accrued by the narrator throughout their journey to self-affirmation.

MELILJAH is a Swedish singer-songwriter who is currently based in Stockholm. He is a fully independent artist that has hit the music-scene full force with “IAK” as his first official release. He studied the fine arts and earned both a vocational and bachelor’s degree in them. A defining aspect of his music is showcased through his relatable and realistic lyricism. His career has gained traction and dedicated followers through his social media accounts. Each account is filled with support that is reminiscent through the respectable amount of streams his debut single has accumulated. Make sure to follow him on social media and give “IAK” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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