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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Idea" - Maty Noyes

Maty Noyes releases “Idea” about taking the rose colored glasses off and finally facing the music about memories with an ex. When you’re in the pink cloud of love, you tend to tolerate a lot of things that would normally be dealbreakers. We put up with horrible things because they become so normalized in the vacuum that is love. When you’re finally out and free, the rearview can be a scary place to look because you see someone that looks a lot like you, but you can’t recognize them at all. This is not a song about missing an ex or reminiscing, but in fact, just the opposite. Moving on is rarely easy, but in these situations, you can’t help but celebrate your freedom and be excited about the future. Self-reflection and retrospection is important for growth and not repeating patterns, so now when you meet someone new, red flags won’t be so easily ignored and tolerated. Maty poignantly says, “It’s a song for the ones who got away, and we’re so good with that.”

“Idea” is a self-reflective song about being so glad you were able to walk away from someone who did not deserve you. This song, and every song written for Rainbow Syndrome, is based on a true story. Maty can’t move on from something in her life until she’s written a song about it, and we’re so glad she freed herself with this electro pop banger. “Idea” is a breakup song with a unique twist. It’s a hate song for the exes, and every person needs a song like this to scream in the car or at a pregame with the girls. There is no love lost with this track. It’s not a sentimental walk down memory lane; it’s a celebratory sprint into your new future where you left the boy and the baggage in the past. Maty Noyes is changing the game and unapologetically saying the things we all think after a bad breakup.

Maty Noyes continues to make noise and refuses to be defined by one genre. She is a dynamic, songwriting powerhouse who consistently, and brilliantly, takes her fiercely loyal fans on a musical journey to the depths of her soul. Maty is a true free spirit who can transcend any style or genre. She committed her life to music at just 12 years old which eventually led her to leave her small hometown of Corinth, Mississippi. She knew she was meant for big dreams that were going to come to fruition somewhere else. At 16, Maty hit the road and moved to Nashville, quickly garnering attention from all the right people, and landing a record deal with Lava Records. Maty soon found herself working with some of the biggest names in music and getting recognized by all the right people and publications. Now based in LA, Maty is gearing up for the release of her newest record, Rainbow Syndrome. “idea” is a prime example of Maty’s creativity, fiesty free-spirit, and compelling takes that bring her listeners into her world!

Written By Grace Chapman



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