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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "if i built my home from paper" - Lexie Carroll

"if i built my home from paper" is so soft and warm, it sounds as if it came straight out of a Disney movie. Not only does the melody and Lexie's voice sound comforting, but the lyrics themselves are also equally as soothing. This song is about that one person in your life that brings you the utmost comfort. The person who you can run to when life starts to drown you. The person that makes it feel as if that storm turned into a drizzle. The person who makes it feel as if every issue in the world has suddenly melted away. Lexie perfectly executed expressing this feeling through this piece, since this song gives the same level of comfort that your special person would.

Since Lexie executed this song so well, listeners are able to feel this piece on a personal level. Lexie has that kind of voice that was made for singing heartfelt pieces, a voice so sweet that she's able to express this topic perfectly. This song is comprised of softer-sounding instruments, such as the piano and string instruments, in order to craft the consoling sound. Her lyrics match the same level of comfort that the other aspects of this song achieve. The line "it's a trouble living in this world but it's home when you are there" in particular stood out to me as a great example for the song overall. This line, and the others like it, are so touching. This song was so well-produced and reveals just how talented Lexie is with her singing/songwriting.

Lexie Carroll is a London-based, 17-year-old singer-songwriter exploring the fragility of modern life. Painting vivid pictures for her audience, Lexie’s pensive vocals flourish above her acoustic guitar as she immerses you in her vulnerability. A gifted songwriter, Lexie has been placed in the Top 10 for the Song Academy Young Songwriter Competition in 2019 and 2020, and last year was shortlisted in the Top 3. In September 2021, she was awarded second place. Lexie released 'Nearly Home' at the age of 14 and achieved 86K+ streams on Spotify and received support from Lost In The Woods playlist. This year she released the EP when the sun came up. Four singles from the EP made New Music Friday on Spotify and she also got support on Our Generation, Fresh Finds Uk, and many editorial playlists.

Written By Melina Darlas


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